In Future Active: Media Activism and The Internet by Graham Meikle, the author shows by example how tactical media differs from alternative media forms because the former does not try to create a ‘better’ form or establish themselves through their form rather they are invested in creating “diverse responses to changing contexts.”

®TMark media aims to reclaim language from corporate appropriation, to draw attention to the system of corporate power, and to call attention to the US legal convention of corporate personhood, among other aims such as eliminating the principle of limited liability, which is an  example of rhetoric behind ®TMark websites that take “advantage of the same loophole [as corporations], using their limited liability as a legally registered corporation to enable (non-life threatening) commercial sabotage.” The projects that are listed on the ®TMark website do raise questions concerning corporate rights and ascendancy.

The Working Tactic poster series

The Working Tactic poster series

®TMark website,, had ultimately proven what it sought to in provoking Bush and his administration: Bush could use his enormous network to ‘restrict freedom’ to a certain degree. “Of course, in taking this kind of retaliatory action, the Bush camp were coin gust what ®TMark wanted them to do.”

Tactical media is explained by Geert Lovink as a term that was proposed in 1992 to emphasize “the use of new technologies and temporary coalitions […] who are working both inside and outside the mainstream media,” thus, ®TMark consists of projects that use various forms of media for any given purpose.


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  1. tylercohentyco says:

    The website no longer exists?

    • hannahmwebster says:

      Excuse me, I did include the Link to the official website for the viewers perusal. I am sorry if this caused confusion. Gina is right that the website will give you a lists of current, previous and proposed websites and other tactical media forms that have been founded by ®TMark.

      I find ®TMark to be so fascinating in its approach, and I couldn’t agree more with Tactical theorist Saul Alinsky, who stresses “the importance of humor and satire in activist campaigns.” He writes, “The most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule. […] the one thing that is unforgivable and that is certain to get [the enemy] to react is to laugh at him. This causes irrational anger.”

  2. socalens says:

    There are example pages of the site and related documents archived on the rTMark site and can be found here

  3. haircomestrouble says:

    Shame works wonders on actual human beings who carry with them the gamut of human emotions, but how do we shame corporate personhood when they have no emotions?

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