I was pretty impressed with the stunts the Yes Men were able to pull off and inspired by the scope of their projects and practice.

I am also really interested in hearing others’ thoughts on the actual documentary itself. We didn’t really get a chance to discuss in class tonight who made the documentary/when/how etc… but as it seems to be one of the main sources of representation of the Yes Men that is NOT from corporate news, I think it is definitely worth thinking about its construction.

I was drawn mainly to the scenes that showed the two Yes Men together (in the boat, swimming in the water, sitting in their garage or abandoned building together) that seemed to portray the two as voyagers, or liberal, underdog saints of sorts. I think they did subtly reference the white-man-savior thing they had going, but only in a sort of half-hearted, first-world-problems sort of way. I think their engagement with capitalist structures was spot on, but its definitely worth considering the particular angle of their activism as well as its limitations.


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  1. laureljaclyn says:

    I agree that I think it would be super helpful to talk about the context of the documentary. It would also be interesting to compare the representation of them in the film to the representation of the Yes Men in news media.

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