Last week, when we mentioned education and media in the class, Gina asked how many people got media education in the high school or middle school, i saw a lot of people raised their hand, which then i thought if i ask this question in China university, maybe no one would raised their hand. Thinking about the difference of the education system of China and America, i easily figure out the why people have totally different attitude toward media. In China, our education system is what called “ examination- oriented education system,”  which focus more on exam rather than really learn the practical knowledge. As China has such a huge population, while we have limited education resources, it is extremely difficult for students to get into the university if they did not work hard. For example, in 2014, we have more than ten million students competed in the college entrance examination, which is a exam, contained 9 subjects, for the students in whole China and held once a year, in order to get a seat in universities. With such amount of students, the university could only select students by their score of the college entrance examination. Therefore, students have no choice but only work on the 9 subjects the exam required, which are Chinese, math, english, physics, chem

istry, biology, politics, history and geology.  Under such education system, students become care only about the right and wrong, and used to follow the authority, which make them easier to get higher score.

After experienced such education system, people becom

e easily absorb what the media pass to them and become afraid to question the media. Therefore, without the questioning, the media will mislead the society and release some absurd news or statements. Moreover, even the media is surrounding us, most people in China have a sense that media is far away from them, which means they think they can do nothing for correcting the media or regulate the media is not their responsible. We are so used to follow. As a result, we chose to discard our own belief and follow the media said, which even we are wrong on something we can blame on the media. However, for people under American education system, they are more active on using their cognition to distinguish the media and get more c

ourage to fight for themselves. As the difference of the education system, the American are more active than Chinese w

hen they confront the media. But, now with the development of the internet, more and more Chinese are picking up their belief, thinking by themselves, and questioning what they consider wrong. We still can not get rid of the examination- oriented education system, but we are doing better to the media.124668892_31n


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  1. How many people do you think actively seek a media or alternative educational framework who are raised in the Chinese public ed system? Do you think most people realize the greater context of their education in China or do you think that you have an unusual outlook from being at PZ?

    • benliang02033 says:

      Actually i think now in China, most people knew the disadvantages of our education system, however, even we realize that, it is still extremely hard for us to do anything to fix it, as the fact that we have too many people. Most of people are trying to find a new ed system, but i dont think we can change it in next, at least ,ten years..

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