I now call into consideration the defendant’s circumstances.
I wonder what. I wonder who. I wonder where.
I wonder why.

We are all the defendants. We, as a whole, have commit a crime and must right our wrongs.
We, one entity of human beings, have forgotten accountability. And now is the time to remember.

The news we want to see has become hard to even imagine. We have been bogged down by monotony. We have been silenced by society. By each other.

So how do we create the news we want to see?
The Yes Men made a fake newspaper. They literally wrote the news they wished to see and distributed it one morning.

We start with our imaginations. When we can pull ourselves out of the funk that we seem to be dragging our feet through, we will be able to imagine. But right now I cannot even imagine. I am too scared of the future.

Once we can imagine, we can take action.

I am afraid of the future. The overwhelm is intimidating. But I will NOT let that limit me.

So here is the news I’d like to see:

US Government respects treaties made with Native Nations.
United States makes the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
We begin to once again respect our earth.


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