While working on my manifesto, I’ve been thinking a lot about the privileges I have because of my family’s status as home owners. Peggy McIntosh‘s work has been really helpful to contextualize and reconcile some of those privileges for myself. If you haven’t heard of her work before, I really recommend checking it out. She is basically the leading anti-racism scholar and her work from the 1980s is still so relevant today.


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  1. haircomestrouble says:

    Laurel, I was just reading an article about Detroit coming out of bankruptcy. I then pulled up an article form the NYT that said that Detroit has 40,000 abandoned buildings that would cost $850,000,000.00 to tear down: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/28/us/detroit-task-force-says-blight-cleanup-will-cost-850-million.html?_r=0

    Do you think the city should consider gentrifying this area if they tear those houses down? I have some mixed opinions about it and I was just wondering where you stood.

  2. revandrewwright says:

    Did you see her come to Scripps two weeks ago? From what I heard, she’s not particularly relevant anymore. In fact, I originally planned on posting about it myself but decided her speech was passive-aggressively promoting Guilt instead of productive solutions. It’s important to take responsibility for cultural sins, but to not move towards a productive solution while at a largely progressive liberal arts college struck me as redundant and almost archaic.

  3. benliang02033 says:

    Well, white privilege, just like the rich privilege in China….What the article say if change the white to i am rich, then i think most of Chinese will agree and praise this article….

  4. laureljaclyn says:

    @revandrewwright Thanks so much for your comment. I did see her at Scripps, and I actually had a very different experience. I do feel like her theoretical framework is still so important. Speaking from my own experience, I feel like we don’t really talk about privilege at all on these campuses. For me, that was refreshing. In thinking about social justice work, we have constantly been talking about recognizing your own voice within the story you are telling. I think that recognizing privilege is essential to that.

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