A few weeks ago, the Huffington Post published this article, whose title I’ve appropriated.

I’m not sure how I feel about this in the context of our project on Silicon Valley. On the one hand, if an app can help someone, then more power to the producer and well done.

But we’ve got to look at the source of the anxiety as well. We live in a world dominated by overstimulation by screens; is another source really the answer?

“While none of these apps should substitute for a doctor’s care, they may help with day-to-day stress and anxiety.” Well, that’s great, but is that the view of the developer? According to the culture Rich and I have studied, it’s likely that at least one of the developers view their app as an end-all for stress relief.

I just can’t abide by that culture anymore. Let’s talk Wednesday.


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  1. I see the irony you are highlighting in this article. It seems as though stress and anxiety in our culture today is very linked to our devices, which perpetuate the idea of a seemingly never ending to do list. While some of these apps maybe “”relaxing,”” the medium itself inherently is not, at least to me personally.

  2. tylercohentyco says:

    I agree that an app, by its nature, is not the ideal way to relieve people from stress and anxiety. Still, anything can potentially help, and its not some evil way of making people more stressed and anxious as far as I can tell. Do any of these apps help link patients with professionals such as therapists and doctors? I can envision an app similar healthtap where patients can describe their symptoms and how they are feeling, and professionals specialized in treating those situations could be matched with them.
    Apps are great for streamlining organizational things, but in terms of a healing process inside an actual human mind, I do not see them providing much more than helpful information that can be provided through mediums other than in an app.

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