California passed Prop 47! Additionally, I found this article that discusses how the November 4th election was a huge step forward for weed legalization and prison reform. The article talks about how Alaska, Oregon, and Washington legalized weed and in that process helped decriminalize lots of prisoners who are in jail for weed use. The article also expanded to talk about cities all over the country that are working to de-criminalize weed users as an initial step to prison reform and in attempt to lower the amount of people in prison. The article is an interesting read that talks about the intersection of @tylercohentyco and @apkoch2014‘s group with our group about the prison industrial complex!


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  1. tylercohentyco says:

    Passing Prop 47 is great news for California! That article was very informative too– I did not know the specifics about Washington D.C. and I am glad that Oregon seems to have a good law to be enacted in July.

  2. apkoch2014 says:

    This is a great article @rbhalla2018 because this is the main message the UIE was trying to get out there today. Although the legalization of marijuana is our primarily focus at the moment we hope to change broader issues, such as your main focus “prison to pipeline” to overall correct the injustices of society, we acknowledge that you can not just demand changes for a spersific topic without addressing the broader issues. Together our causes can help each other towards change!

  3. eadelstein says:

    Should we decriminalize all drugs or just marijuana?

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