The Yes Men Fix the World is one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen simply because it had such a compelling mix of humor and truth. Humor is at first the most important element; the Yes-Men have mastered their comedic stylings to the millisecond, and even mastered adapting the words of others (especially in the New Orleans incident).

But behind the laughs is a way to make you think. This movie is not a feel good comedy. At the end, the planet is still beset by “evil”, and nothing has really changed. The positive responses to the Golden Skeleton and the negative responses to “fixing” the catastrophe in India display greed, no matter what.

So what have we learned? Well, like all great satirists, the Yes-Men have realized that they cannot fix the world on their own. They can only bring awareness to the issues, and being humorous while outwitting the corporations at their own game is a great way to become more appealing.

There are a few minor aspects that prevent this movie from being perfect though. Primarily, I dislike that the Yes-Men took their cameras to India. By just showing how great they themselves were, the Yes-Men took on shades of Colonialism (particularly a sort of “White Messiah” archetype.) Other than that, great film.


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