The Yes Men Fix The World was really an interesting movie, which lead us view media in a new perspective and also bring us joy. In the documentary, the scene that the “Yes men” talked to the stockbroker, who worked in front of computer for 16hours, left me a deep impression. Before watch this documentary, i only consider that the big companies refused to put more money to compensate the environment or people that they hurt are only because they don’t want to lose their profit. I never know that if they spend money on doing some good will dramatically damage themselves, as they are in the free market, which only focus on the future profit. When “Dow” claimed that they will spent 12 billion money on compensating the people in India, their shares fell a lot in only two hours. After the claims, Dow lose not only 12 billion dollar but also the market’s expectation  and confident of them. Therefore, after i learned this, i understand why the big companies would refused to do the charity , even by doing so they will confront the

censure from the society. I am not helping the big companies to

 escape from their responsibility for the society, but my point is that everyone have their limited, especially in the age of information explosion, we need the media to clarify our misunderstanding, just like what i misunderstand the big companies, not mislead us to believe some fake knowledge. The media today get so much power, they can easily influenced almost everyone. However, most of time they just spread the information that themselves don’t even understand or heard about, and then cause the social chaotic. During the Japanese’s Fukushima event, some Chinese media started spreading the news that iodate salt could help human body prevent the chemical radiation, causing people rushed into the market and bought huge amount of iodate salt. Finally, the iodate salt, which clarity that have no effect on prevent the chemical radiation,  was sold out and the people truly need iodate salt could not get it, but people didn’t need it get hundreds of them.  The media have the responsible for leading the society to the right track, not misleading us and then help the companies or government to gain profit. With great powers comes with great responsibility.


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