“Anything that’s a huge corporate body
can never move as fast as individuals.
So use your brain and your imagination
to come up with new ways of doing things
faster, doing things funnier.”
– Epilogue, Future Active, Jessy from McSpotlight

With this in mind, Future Active gives us another reminder of how technology is ever-changing and developing with advancements. There is no limit to the possibilities we can create using media as our medium for social activism. With all the advancements and with our imagination, the activist coalitions, programs, projects are endless when our medium is technology. Its important to keep this in mind as we create our manifestos using media for social change, media technology is revolutionary, hence we can perpetually create new landscapes to discuss social issues for change.  But technology is sometimes seen in different ways:

Two Ovi Dali Sheep Butting Heads in Canada

Two Ovi Dali Sheep Butting Heads in Canada

While McLibel defendant Dave Morris states: ‘The Internet,’ Morris says, ‘like most supposedly “labour-saving” devices, takes up a lot of people’s time and energy. It is a mixed blessing, like all technology. How much resources – materials, labour (often cheap labour in poor countries) and mental effort – are being sucked into the production of such technology? With half the world having never used a telephone, modern technological communications, especially the Internet, can easily be elitist, and at the same time provide an illusion of interaction between ordinary people. In the same way that cars seem to promote movement but actually inhibit it, technological communications are tending to inhibit, sideline and replace face-to-face contacts and association, whether one-to-one or in communal spaces.’

Jessy from McSpotlight says urges‘Use your brain and your imagination,‘ says Jessy, from McSpotlight, ‘to come up with new ways of doing things faster, doing things funnier. Wit is one of the most important things. McSpotlight is not made with money – it’s made with imagination, and that’s why people go there and are interested in it. So the Internet is a level playing field in that sense. It’s not the boys with the most money who make the difference – it’s the boys and girls with the most imagination.’

What are your thoughts? I can see the argument from both points of views; however, I would rather side with Jessy who believes that the internet should be seen as a level playing field where imagination trumps $$.

About Hannah Webster

Hello, my name is Hannah Webster. Brand Strategy, Design Marketing Consulting | Public Relations in Los Angeles | Research: “VR Digital Storytelling Tech Elicits Empathy in its Viewers”

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