In this post from last year’s class, the author sites Lopez’ The Media Ecosystems Chapter 4. In addition to her informative highlights from his book, I would like to quote this author on her view of technology and human connections. I think it will be a good read for consideration for the Gentrification manifesto: @laureljaclyn @hannahmwebster

“Modern day technology can also act as a vehicle for establishing a connection with our environment. With Youtube, people can share their beliefs, motivations, and day- to day- lives all over the planet. With this bonding available, people can begin to care about one another [more].” This thought is consistent with how we have gone about thinking of the media space we want to create. Lopez remarks on empathy: “Empathy, then, becomes a powerful weapon against the abstractions that make exploitation palatable” (111). 

I would like to think that by creating a public media space that allows corporate structures to view and empathize with voices that talk about struggles of location, relocation or displacement, will have a change of heart when they are deciding to build in an existing neighborhood. What are your thoughts on empathy and its power?

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Hannah M. Webster Los Angeles, California Hannah M. Webster works with clients to develop their brands with digital design works and content curation for digital, print and multi- media.

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