The Austin, Texas Police Department has developed a new sensitivity program to train its officers not to shoot dogs. In response to recent outcry over a a couple of misfirings against dogs, the APD has developed this program to help counter police injustice and show that they care about what their officers are doing.

Although I find it important that the police aren’t shooting innocent pups, I find it quite saddening that people respond more quickly and are more concerned about the shootings of dogs and not people – which happens all of the time. As part of the video clip shows, police shootings and acts of injustice happen all the time across the country, and yet the Austin Police Department received more calls than ever when the news reported that they had fired on a couple of dogs. This is just sad.

The comical aspect of the proposed solution at the end detracts from its viability. Of course, having people dress like dogs to avoid police injustice is silly and not a rational response to the issue. However, it is interesting that our society has to come to that and that it isn’t that out of line. Maybe the Youth Media Action Coalition can create videos that show how the general public responds to the killing of dogs versus actual people, as it is such a horrendous truth that people don’t always respond with dismay to the regular shootings of innocent people.


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