In the field of Autism research, much has been said and written about the ability of psychoanalysis to identify and treat many of the deviations from the neurotypical norm in the space of ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders). What’s remarkable, however, are that some of the latest research findings in the space are allowing the possibility that we can better diagnose, understand, and respond to the differences in brain wiring with individuals that lie on the spectrum through the use of fMRI brain scanning and HDFI (high definition fiber imaging) in order to determine where these white matter tracts deviate from the norm. This is valuable to the scientific community because this represents the first step in identifying biological differences in those with autism in order to allow us to then begin linking these to better correlate these with behaviors, and in turn, be able to provide a roadmap to a more fulfilling life. Initiatives such as the Human Connectome Project (to be covered in a future blog post) further the cause and provide an avenue to execute the research central to these findings.


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