In Hand Held Visions, Halleck states: “these examples are small birds in an immense and polluted sky. They are, however not homeopathic remedies. They are not fighting poison with poison. They are fighting poison with truth. And to steal and metaphor from Fernando Birri, sometimes truth as very large wings” (91).

These words truly touched me. Not only are they powerfully and poetically written but they also hold such a wonderful sentiment. In my previous post, I spoke about the importance of not fighting fire with fire or trying to halt violence with the use of more violence. Here, we see a similar message. Those who are fighting the evils of discrimination and misrepresentation mustn’t “fight poison with poison” or enact ill will upon their oppressors but must instead provide their truth because, in the end, being able to speak their truth and have it be heard will be the best healing for them. When we are bullied or neglected, our oppressor would be glad for a rise out of us for that would prove our weakness and would only perpetuate their negative perceptions of us. Despite the disgusting nature of our situation or the misconceptions that cloud our daily lives, the strongest and purist tool that we have is our truth for it is ours and ours alone and it does indeed have “very large wings.”


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