As I read through Bordowitz’s article, I found myself rethinking the way I live my life. I have always been somewhat taken aback by the idea of “hegemony” and always claimed the believe in the beauty of uniqueness but after reading his definition of “hegemony,” I felt myself realizing how much of it I live by and accept in my daily life. So much of what we know and perceive has been affected by widespread and widely accepted hegemony. Half of the things we understand to be connected have just been established that way by those in power. Further, I was forced to reconsider the comfort I feel with tradition because again, these traditions are the collection of the beliefs of the majority and do not represent all ideals. In most cases, we face “selective tradition…an intentionally selective version of a shaping past and a pre-shaped present, which is then powerfully operative in the process of social and cultural definition and identification” (176). This scares me a bit because all of these things I have held so dear like Christmas or really any other traditions I practice are essentially things I have been brainwashed into loving, valuing, and enjoying. Our culture is not fully representative of all people living our communities. Our culture “others” those who hold differing beliefs because the majority has been conditioned to believe that tradition, hegemony, and dominant culture is the truth. Bordowitz recognizes such a necessary and essential problem. More of us need to be aware and address our naiveté regarding this issue.


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