I really loved Tongues Untied. I feel that the most effective aspect of the film was the rhythmic and beautiful collection of voices.   I felt that the poetic nature of the narrator’s stories made the film more intimate. It also made the speakers more vulnerable and as if they were sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings with us. As a result of this vulnerability, the viewers are somehow persuaded to be respectful and drawn in to listen to this underrepresented story. I found myself almost intrenched by the spoken word and the slow motioned nature of the images moving across the screen. Marlon Riggs does such a wonderful job of creating a beautiful and nonviolent narrative. In an earlier post, I spoke about the importance of expressing ones truth while leaving the anger and violence behind. Here, Riggs shows just how powerful and therapeutic this truth telling can be. Part of healing and moving forward is recognizing and working upon past experiences. If nothing else, Riggs created a platform for the healing of those who shared their story. Often, we take these opportunities to express ourselves for granted while many underrepresented and minority groups are rarely given the opportunity to share their truth and to work through their pain and ALSO be heard by thousands of viewers. As an educated, college student, who has been roughly educated on struggles and problems of difference found myself learning so much about my privilege and gave me a greater understanding of a group that has faced such great adversity.


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