On the topic of women in advertising, we see the expected manipulation tactics but to a disgusting and concerning degree. Everywhere you look, there are stick thin models selling clothes to women of all sizes. There is no way that every woman will look as she does in those clothes, no one should look like she does in those clothes, in fact, she doesn’t even look like that in those clothes. Despite how wrong we inherently know it is, ads like this and the fact that modeling agencies and large corporations have coined this as the definition of beauty has manipulated the minds of millions of women and how they see themselves. I would say that these campaigns are a large reason why so many young girls struggle with their weight. And weight and unrealistic representations of beauty is not the only huge issue within the representation of women in advertising. In general, advertisements are selling ideals and images that will satisfy the male gaze. Men rule the world and women are here to satisfy them or at least that’s what every advertisement for women seems to scream.


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  1. On the tumblr community I know there are a lot of memes and gifs about fat-shaming and body positivity that take segments from popular media. Would be really interesting to incorporate some of those strategies into your research!

  2. alexamuniz says:

    Although I don’t think it is just about women in advertising, but more about women in media in general, I think you might be interested in watching the documentary Miss Representation. I think its on Netflix if you have access to that.

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