After class on Wednesday, Gina spoke to me about Charlotte’s Web, a marijuana-derived medication that is used to treat epilepsy in toddlers and children. Charlotte’s Web is a strain of marijuana which is cross bred with hemp to create a drug low in THC (what gives people a recreational high) and high in CBD, which helps to treat the seizures. This means that children using the drug do not get stoned, but instead can live actual lives without being completely inhibited by frequent seizures.

A few years ago, my friend and neighbor Allison who was a year younger than me, passed away from an epileptic seizure. I wonder if she had been allowed to use Charlottes Web to ward off seizures, maybe she would still be around today.

Apryl and I have not focused as much on medical uses of marijuana as much as full legalization, but as part of full legalization, not only will current medical uses be allowed, but research for other uses can be expanded. Currently, the development of Charlottes Web is a family business in Colorado, and they plan on creating farms in Uruguay (where marijuana is legal) to create more of the drug and import it into the states. Marijuana already plays a huge role in the global economy. Legalizing it will only make it easier for people to use it for societally beneficial things such as medicine and recovery.


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  1. rbhalla2018 says:

    Would Charlotte’s Webb only be applicable to seizures? Are there any other medical uses for it?

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