Deconstruct. Reconnect. Intervene.

The mainstream environmentalist movement hinges on the concept of our natural environment as one that is separate and outside of our bodies and selves. This manifesto begins with the premise that the notion of separateness is one that has been developed and perpetuated through capitalist, patriarchal systems in our society and the visual and written texts of the mainstream media. In returning to an ethos of oneness, both with the natural world and each other, we aim to build an environmental movement that crosses interpersonal and politically defined boundaries.

In short, we aim to spiritualize the political and politicize the spiritual. 

Developing and encouraging a critical media literacy is imperative to our movement in that it enables us to dismantle the images and cultural texts around us that treat the earth as a series of resources to be tapped. We are wary of green-washed businesses and products that operate within the mode of consumerism. We believe that to deplete fewer resources we must firstly change the pervasive culture of consumerism. Because of this, our organization seeks to provide a visual and experiential interventionist approach to the treatment of landscape and notions of nature and society in the media. We both appropriate existing imagery in a detournement method, and produce our own imagery. We occupy corporate spaces and question the notion of privatization.

We bring to our organization a strong sense of socialist-feminist politics as well as ethos drawn from earth-based religious traditions. Through collaboration, public ritual, and alternative creative and spiritual expression, we seek to impart an interconnectedness with each other and the earth that drives our political actions as well as a culture of public engagement.

Creativity and story are our own unlimited resources! We emphasize deriving and creating new cultural meaning through song, dance, theatre, video and other media. This in itself reacts to dominant ideologies that privilege academic and scientific literature as purveyors of truth and knowledge.

Our goals are many but our DEMANDS are few:

We demand corporate and governmental accountability and stricter restrictions to environmentally-harmful activities such as ground water pollution, air pollution, and general biological degradation.

And further, we demand that this accountability extend beyond the acknowledgement of biological harm to include the cultural, physical, emotional and spiritual violence that ensues.

With these demands, we ultimately seek to broaden the conversation. We wish to connect the dots between us and all that lives around us. We wish to connect the dots between the systems of power and domination that shape our world. It is not just climate change that we seek to address, but rather the whole organization of our lives.


About eliciasepstein

Documentarian; maker. Southern California.

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