Upon stumbling upon this article, I was completely shocked while simultaneously not surprised. The infamous Bechdel Test used to check gender equality in film was applied to racial minorities, specifically indigenous folks and completely failed. They are 0 accounts of films with two Native American characters who talk to each other about something other than white people. “The problem is bigger than just underrepresentation — we’re talking about the complete and utter omission of a culture.” This is a jarring reminder that indigenous folks need to make media that represents themselves in the way they want. This also reiterates the importance of @alexamuniz and @gennabear‘s project, “Indigitize.” Oppression is rampant in our media and it is crucial we work to dismantle it.



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  1. alexamuniz says:

    I never thought to use the Bechdel test for racial minorities. Thanks for offering this perspective!!!

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