Your post is very interesting and raises a number of questions for our Youth Media Action Coalition, namely, finding a way ensure that all of our youth members are kept out of harms way. This being said, sometimes we are forced to assume relative risk for the sake of the greater societal good. Self-preservation should always come first, however, it is extremely important that we call attention to injustice, as that is the only way achieve change. For example, when it comes to police brutality, if we allow officers to bully and intimate, we are effectively standing for the perpetuation of violence and systematic subjugation of groups of people. It is reminiscent of the video that we screened during our Youth Media Action Coalition project. I have included it below, if you wish to watch it in its entirety:

Alvin took a major risk by deciding to record the police; there is no telling how the already disagreeable police officer might have reacted to finding out that they were being recorded. However, as a New Yorker, I can tell you that his recording proved to be a powerful case in the discussion to reevaluate stop and frisk. Additionally, it served as a rallying point, garnering widespread solidarity from all New Yorkers.


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  1. revandrewwright says:

    What a hugely powerful video. Alvin recorded what no one else would or could, and I’m glad that his work was recognized. I’m not entirely thrilled that he wasn’t recognized in the end credits (unless he wanted to remain anonymous? I suppose?) but his voice was clearly heard.

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