In 1990, at the United Nations General Assembly, they decided to found Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to deal with the climate change internationally. Moreover, The Kyoto Protocol was adopted at the Third Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP3) held in Kyoto in 1997; it was officially enacted in February, 2005. Developed countries and developing countries seemed having started cooperating to reduce Co2 emission. However, since cutting Co2 costs, developed countries passed the buck of Co2 reduction to other countries and developing countries clamed to keep emitting Co2 to develop their own nations. Therefore, the average temperature has gone up last twenty years and some experts forecast a rise in global temperature around six degrees in Celsius next one hundred years.

Since it is difficult to approach the governments directly, in order to change the national policy for climate change by using media, every one of us has to take action effectively following the case of People’s Climate March that was held in September, 2014. The biggest march affected the annual conference in New York because they got to know through media that so many people made the movement

Here are the manifesto of making effective movements for climate change.


1.In uniting causes and people universally, our movement is considered global. Our vision is to build a collaborative movement through the recognition of a divine light of living creatures. By tackling a colonial culture, we aim to accredit people to work in their societies and speak of requirements of utmost importance.

2.We aim to create a movement of encompassment and empowerment Our arms should be widely opened to new ideas and initiatives, whether it be local or global, and encourage leader to embrace them. Individuals or groups, we operate with a mixed range of clients for it is their ideas and commitment we crave to make forth this urgent change.

3.We think big and broad. This Environmental Movement is wrapped inescapably with other systems of power and domination that operate within our society (patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, etc) and it is impossible to pinpoint it through a single story or statistic. Our movement should go forward with climate change in recognition that this has one of the most broad reaching effects on the life of this planet while also representing a product of these other systems.

4.No creativity, no actions. Both sides to climate change, problems and solutions, our visually aided through creative symbols and actions in order to reach out to the community, media and leaders. Actions of creative thought keep us reminding of our goal to protect, whilst also interacting more closely to the heart.

5.Taking the role of coordinators, we seek connection with both heart and soul no less than with the brain. This climate problem concerns ethics. Through our carefully thought through actions, we apply moral importance to our project, furthering our engagement to the crisis, as well as between ourselves. This mutual relationship will allow ourselves to stay tight and manage our world of dramatic change and vision our ideal worlds

6.Connections with both other humans and the earth fuel our actions. In order to make this movement strong, we must use ourselves to the best of our advantages, for it is our shared ideas that identify ourselves.

7.Our actions are based in a culture of assertiveness and non-violence. We believe that violence to others is like violence to ourselves. Through our work we demand that corporations, organizations and governmental institutions become accountable for the violence they commit of the plants, animals and humans of this Earth.


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