I have been browsing around the rtmark webpage and reading about past projects and newer projects, all of which are now slightly outdated. Some of these ideas, because they were suggested a decade ago, I wonder how many people attempted. One of the newer project ideas is to, “Create a web database of cases where ordinary citizens have made a difference or have triumphed over Corporate America.” To start my search for this webpage or possibly some examples of cases where individuals have triumphed over corporate America, I will use google! (The fact that I am using google is a sign that even while tracking “triumphs” over corporate America, I am using a computer and a search engine that both are very much a part of corporate America.

Google took me right back to rtmark! What a trap!

Here’s another great idea that is relevant to the project Apryl and I are working on:

“Make a marijuana solution by washing residue from pot seeds or rinsing plastic bags that have held weed. Go to a metro station, or other place where drug sniffing dogs are being used, and spray doors. Spray police officers. Wander past police stations and spray cars. Spray, spray, spray… to cause false ‘hits’ by the dogs.”

I would be pretty scared spraying a police officer. You never know how they will react and they are carrying several weapons that can kill or seriously injure me. Even though I am white, there is still a good chance that a cop might be startled and think that I am spraying him with poison and he might choose to kill me.

Now I did a different google search: triumph over corporate america. Through a series of links, I landed on this article.

The moral of the story if you read the article is that social inequality makes societies less fun. It was not as detailed as I hope, but it is a thought provoking notion that I hope people chime in on.


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