This week’s reading, Video For Change, effectively echoes the sentiments of our envisioned Youth Media Action Coalition. So much of WITNESS’ mission is analogous to our desired goals and objectives. I think that WITNESS’ noted success lends to credence to the prospects of our project’s success. Youth Media Action coalition will be able to fulfill its own niche, where WITNESS uses media to “open the eyes of the world to Human Rights abuses”, our proposed Youth Media Action Coalition will seek to give our nation’s youth a venue to share their personal stories. I have included below a few interesting takeaways from the piece that I will look to integrate into our project going forward:

-The author writes that, “(video) can be a vehicle for building coalitions with other groups working on an issue” (2). With this in mind, we will explore the possibility of collaboration and partnership with other likeminded organizations.

-It is said that, “(video) can help counter stereotypes and assist you in reaching new, different and multiple audiences, particularly if broadcast is a possibility” (2). This is to say that, we must focus the reach of our efforts on touching as varied of an audience as possible. It is likely that individuals of different backgrounds will be more so inclined to provide funding, obviously a crucial component of our project’s continued success.

-This idea is examined further, “the solution to your problem may not lie in the legal system but in the community solidarity or collective action, or in persuading particular individuals that it is in their best interests to behave or act or in a different way” (5). This is to say that, by appealing to the passions of community members and the compassion of outsiders, we can achieve societal change!

-I found the following quote to be particularly striking and emblematic of what we hope to achieve by teaching participatory journalism, “your high quality unedited footage of a violation can at times be the only source of news or evidence available about an important event” (17).


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  1. revandrewwright says:

    Important ideas to note; we may also be using these ideas in our project moving forward, even if we’re not necessarily working in the medium of video

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