I regret not having written a reflection on Goodman’s “Teaching Youth Media” article when I first read it weeks ago. Although, on second thought it is nice to have a greater understanding of my group’s project to look back on the article as reflect. At the beginning of Goodman’s article, he recalls taking his son to orientation at Kindergarten and being shocked that the teacher was quizzing the children on brand recognition through the use of logos. I found this really interesting, because despite our youth’s lack of knowledge on current events and other important topics, they continue to seem knowledgeable about logos.

Without the ability to read or write, these young developing minds had the ability to memorize what the images mean and what they represent in society. I think this is really symbolic of the power of media production, and how it can connect people of a variety of background, that may not otherwise be able to speak with each other, or have the ability to document their thoughts through text. Self-representation through film is a great way for people of different backgrounds to develop understanding for each other even if they can’t speak or write text to each other.

Another component of Goodman’s piece is the idea of creating visibility for groups who are marginalized or voiceless. I think this is possibly the most important part of media production: developing a critical literacy and the skills/tools to effectively represent oneself.


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  1. benliang02033 says:

    Yeah, i think the points present in the “Teaching Youth Media” are necessary for todays’ youth community. The best way to learn or understand one thing is to experience. Without the actual experience, the youth will hardly understand that how close the media is to them, and what is media.

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