Today, we are in the age of information explosion, everyone could obtain various information easily, or everyone are forced obtaining various information. However, in my opinion, absorbing various of information does not make we (most of us) become knowledgable but apathetic and dependent. While we received the information, few of us are able to analyze the information, instead, we are used to absorbed the news present for us and remember them. Therefore, when we communicate with others people, it seems that we know a lot, however, few of the opinion are really generate by us. The worst is that when we confront new ideas or perspective, we then replace the old ones to the new ones, which sometimes are totally opposite. Therefore, todays people know what happened around them, however they don’t understand why it happened around them, which they don’t care or have no time to care. As a result, people become apathetic. In China (maybe in America too), when somethings happened, the news will be put on the center of the stage. During that time, that news will become the major topic of the conversation, people will address their opinions, which of cause, learn from the news or article. However, they don’t really have the passion to go deeper for that news, and they stop at the surface of the events. As few of people really participate in the events, soon or later, another event happened and the cycle go again. Because people only stay at the “know” level, no matter how great impact the event was, it will finally end with silence and therefore, people who wish to get justice, conflicts that hope to be mediate and crimes that need to be punished all fail. Yeah, it is true that we can get any information we want, but as we are used to feed by the media, we kind of losing our ability to search the information that we really need. We become depend on the media and therefore control by them.

It is no doubt the advantages live under the age of information explosion, however, sometimes we should also think about to get these advantages, what we had compensated.


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  1. hannahmwebster says:

    I think your argument is perfectly legitimate, and your post is nicely written. I do, however, wonder if our “dependency” is, in the long run, a challenge for our society to overcome our relying on modern technology. One day, perhaps, we will have technology as an option and we will see innovations as an option in which to take part in through consumerism and buying of a brand new product, or merely accepting and acknowledging a new innovative technology and choose not to take part in immediately purchasing the item, rather just admiring its being a new addition to our innovative tech industry.

    After all, it is our choice to indulge in dependency on material objects and our sense of “need” to keep up with ‘changing times’ will pass, I believe. We will soon accept that the newest toys for media, the newest software, the newest apps are not necessary, and we can add them to our lives when it fits our budget or we have a legitimate need for an upgraded device for business, communication, etc.

    Great post!

  2. rbhalla2018 says:

    You bring up really good points, Ben! Especially because the information the media does focus on isn’t always what’s crucially important. Right now, more newspapers and magazines are filled with celebrity news and very few magazines/newspapers are talking about the current beheadings in ISIS. In this “information age” how much are we really exploring and learning new information and how much is being controlled?

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