In this class we focus on a lot of strategies for activism that are unique to our generation. I wanted to bring up a very very old strategy for catalyzing cultural change- which is literature!

This article in Salon, among other, does a good job of giving an overview to a new-ish genre called Climate Fiction. The author dates the genre back as far as the 60’s… though recently its been gaining a lot of popularity. I think that the importance of incorporating climate issues into works of fiction (and not just textbooks and the like) cannot be overstated. Fiction and works of literature are where we try on new and different realities and hypothetical situations. They are able to draw a reader in and let them live out a world in a book. Philosophical and political arguments can be couched through an epic or beautiful plot, or simply through the actions of a compelling character. I am very much looking forward to reading some books within this genre, and would love any suggestions anyone has.


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  1. socalens says:

    How about fiction film? Sleep Dealer – Sci-fi but not exactly climate change but immigrant labor and water wars.

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