It’s interesting to read about Mapping Memories and how similar it is to what @taylornovickfinder, @lucasfromnewyork, and I envisioned for the Youth Media Action Coalition (YMAC). Mapping Memories “explored how personal stories and a range of media tools (video, sound walks, mapping, photography) could empower and bring the voices and the experiences of refugee youth in Canada to the larger public.” Through YMAC, we envision a program that would “provide youth groups with the resources to develop skills in critical literacy, as well as, technical and theoretical media training to create empowered, highly motivated, free thinkers inspired to tackle challenges affecting their communities.” As we plan our final project, we will be thinking about the information in Mapping Memories and the ways we engage individuals in the creation of their own personal narratives.



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  1. hannahmwebster says:

    I think, addressing your last sentence, “the ways we engage individuals in the creation of their own personal narratives,” is a really important aspect of most projects and one of the most difficult challenges. Creating a space for sharing personal stories that is comfortable for the people involved; I know one of the chapters highlights having a ‘mediator’-type/’familiar face’ in a group setting, to make the contributors feel more comfortable sharing, discussing their stories. Sharing, discussing and engaging in dialogue about ones experience that reflection on ones personal experience is somewhat imperative to realizing ones personal narrative rather than “the creation” of their own narrative.

    Nice post– got me thinking for my own project.

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