In the class, we learn a lot about the youth and media. Before the class, i never consider that why should we teach the youth about media? But after watching several video and read the reading, i realize the importance of teaching youth media. I remember a sentence, the best way to learn a thing is to experience it and i think that is why we should devote the effort to teach the youth about media. Before attending the media course, media, for me, is a subject that far away from my life and i can do nothing with it, even i can watch, read and hear it everyday. But after spent so much time with it, i realize actually media are not that difficult to access. Today what we talk most about media is how it control people and how can people avoid being control by it. The answer for these question i think is simple, learn and decode it. Because we have limited knowledge about how the media works, we will easily scare by it and when we become scared, we will easily be controlled. Teaching youth about the media and how to use the technology of media, such photoshop or camera, is providing the knowledge for them to protect themselves and fight against the media. Today, when we confront the dark sides of the society, some of us will immediately think about informing the media companies and let them to expose these bad things. They don’t know that with the development of the technology they could also do the same things that they consider could be done only by professional media companies. If we are able to teach the youth about the media, they will learn that everyone are responsible for the improvement of the society not just the journalists, and will learn that they also have the power to change their community, country or even the world.


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