I think that it is pretty obvious the connection this text has to mine and Genna’s project working with Indigitize. Indigitize is a youth participatory media project. The text says:

“The process offers individuals who
are often misrepresented in main
-stream media a chance to find
their voice, develop new skills, and
become storytellers, filmmakers, or
photographers. The process is about
reclaiming voice and representation
and involves ethics, advocacy, and

I think that this pretty well describes part of the mission of the Indigitize program. But there was something else mentioned in the text that I think more relates to our phone drive.

The tools selected for a project should
be adapted to the group involved
and should remain available to
participants once the workshop is
over. We often chose to use free,
open-source technology to ensure
that participants could access the
software programs at any time after
the sessions.

I think that part of the problem, or where Indigitize could be better, is having the tools more available to the students. When I lead the workshops the students had two cameras that they could check out during the week when we weren’t on campus, but the bigger cameras and more of the equipment had to come back to Pitzer. And the program has no computers or editing software, so the students wouldn’t be able to and aren’t able to edit their own work. I think that the program would be stronger if the tools were more available.

And this is where our phone drive comes in. The phones can be more available to the students at Sherman. Not only that but with apps, like StoryMaker, we can get the students editing software so they can make their own complete videos without needing our presence. I think this is a step in the right direction and will make this participatory media project, Indigitize, more successful and sustainable.


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