I thought the reading on “Using Video for Advocacy” was an extremely helpful and relatively comprehensive guide to creating media, specifically film, for a proposed project. I thought it was pretty smart to not only provide a step by step outline of how to go about making a film about something you are passionate about, but also to question whether or not film is the appropriate medium to encourage direct action as a response to the creation. I think that many a time, when we think about even the title of this class, Media and Social Change, the first thing that comes to mind is making a full length documentary about a pressing issue related to social justice/inequality. I think a lot of times, it is important to explore other forms of media to express and distribute a message to the masses, which sometimes can be more effective for the content that is being address, as well as the target audience. A perfect example of this is the Mapping Memories online text, which perfectly exemplifies using a different form of medium to engage with a specific audience and content. I also love how engaging ISSUU can be, not only surrounding the ways the creators of Mapping Memories engaged their students, but also how the medium of the online text can engage the viewers.


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