Media shapes our opinions, beliefs, and influences our perception of social issues. Media archiving is essential. Videos, Photographs [etc.] of events and people of today hold value when it is archived for the purpose of educating future generations of people.

Looking back and learning from the events and people who have shaped our world in monumental ways also shows us how we have changed/ harmed our environment/ overcome social challenges. There is so much to learn from reviewing the archived information made available through media technologies that have preserved our history.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 5.14.31 PMIn this article posted to World News on The Guardian website depict events and people who have shaped our world views and our lives –through pictures. Sharing this article serves to show how media archiving and documenting through media sources is very important in serving to teach future generations and to tell the story of the past to the future….Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 5.03.44 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 5.03.08 PMSource: The top 20 moments that shaped the world – in pictures from 80 landmarks in 80 years: the people and events that shaped our world


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Hello, my name is Hannah Webster. Brand Strategy, Design Marketing Consulting | Public Relations in Los Angeles | Research: “VR Digital Storytelling Tech Elicits Empathy in its Viewers”

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  1. Yes totally agree. I also think its important in consideration of how the media becomes a historical artifact itself. (As in, not just what issues were happening but HOW they were portrayed etc– in reference to their historical moment)

  2. hannahmwebster says:

    @eliciasepstein Great point regarding the idea of HOW media portrays events and people. While the medium is interesting to study so is the how medium is used to portray a person or event and whether that portrayal is a positive one or less so.

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