There should be an announcement about the jury decision around 6pm tonight (9pm EST).

Everyone should watch and listen, and while we wait…


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Media Studies major at Scripps College '16.

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  1. The NYT has a live stream up right now (…note the steady, non-moving framing of the camera)

  2. Also– A Claremont and Facebook-based response to Ferguson happening tomorrow:

  3. alexamuniz says:

    President Obama is to speak at 10pm EST…. any moment now hopefully

  4. laureljaclyn says:

    “All of these preparations are being made with the expectation that a system that is supposed to work for everyone is going to fail once again for black people in America.”

    This, to me, is exactly the crux of the issue in the country. Our system of racism is so deeply engrained in America that it has become the expectation.

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