In Chapter 3 of Revolution 2.0, I was interested in the ways in which Ghonim described marketing his Facebook page, and furthermore the specific choices he made regarding tone to market his page to a greater amount of people. I never really thought to deeply about the specific use of language and tone when creating a Facebook page or event, but the more I think about it, the more important it seems. Undeniably, tone and language most directly has to do with the target audience, how is the language (colloquial/formal) and tone (again formal/informal) interact with not only the content you are trying to market, but also the audience you are marketing to. In Revolution 2.0, the author references making a page with a relatively informal tone and relaxed language that can be very accessible to many different types of people, with different educational backgrounds. Extremely important to consider when targeting young people as your desired audience, tone can really make or break your end goal.

I also thought the point Elicia brought up in class was not only important, but extremely interesting, in terms of taking moral responsibility for spearheading a movement off-location. What are the moral and ethical implications of creating a Facebook page or event for something, potentially dangerous, of which you are not geographically a part of? I would be very wary of being the responsible party of something I could not be involved in first person. I really like the ways in which Ghonim was going about describing the process of his Facebook involvement in this revolution, but it also made me a little bit nervous about the implications of his actions, which in the end, he obviously addresses.


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