The Unified Independent Engagement needs to start forming various actions. I have some ideas about what we could do. I think creating a twitter account will be a good way to publish our news and support causes we believe in. I will try to assist the creation of this account. I will start following people or organizations that are spreading ideas we like. We can repost stuff we like and give updates about anything relevant to the UIE.

Another large component of the action that I am aware of the UIE planning is to create video art and/or digital storytelling. My hope about this particular aspect is that we are able to capture candid moments while also exploring a variety of settings. The content could involve a variety of ideas and forms. Apryl and I should discuss more about what we want to do with the video this week, start gathering equipment, and deciding how much of our video will involve actors, props, scripts, etc. and how much will be more candid or video maker with a camera oriented.


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