I grew up about thirty minutes and miles west of downtown St. Louis in a suburb named Chesterfield. From an early age, I was made acutely aware of the imbalance and inequity that was so pervasive in my greater community. During the senior year of my high school career, we executed on a series of “solutions projects” to identify problems in the STL community and propose solutions, or at a minimum a series of actionable steps to mitigate the problem/issue. I chose to focus on the lack of public transportation (especially light rail) in the western suburbs, which is an issue deeply intertwined with the racial inequity so pervasive in the community.

Much has been written about the role of Delmar Blvd as a racial and class divide for the city and county of St. Louis, (and indeed the city/county divide itself is indeed a strong matter within the same thread.

I would highly implore anyone truly interested in understanding the longstanding and deep-rooted tensions fueling this struggle to persuade these links and media clippings attached in an effort to provide at least a cursory crash course into how such an inequity could exist in the United States today.


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