It’s not a particularly new realization that many people, of all ages, spend an incredible amount of time locked into conversations on social media forums and spend a majority of their time ‘on-the-go’ and, thus, find themselves managing their time more wisely by multi-tasking: one hand on the smartphone and one hand on the steering wheel. But how does this multi-dimensional semi-virtual reality in which we live affect our sense of place

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.11.35 PM

What is the Sense of Place? article examines this question: “Many people in the 21st century spend so much time online, in their cars, at Starbucks, or in an office that they may have little connection to any unique place. Is the sense of place becoming a lost sense?

Some of the tools for recording facets of the sense of place include maps, photographs, virtual reality, neogeography sites like Platial, stories, poems, interpretive displays, paintings, and other evidence of the human experience in a landscape. Examining these entry points can get you started appreciating the sense of place, but it is not anchored until you experience a place personally. So step outside and build up your placeness quotient.”

The Making of my Gentrification Manifesto | Connecting the Dots: I examine this question as I begin my journey of connecting my research to specific areas on my map of Los Angeles. What will I include? exclude? What is essential? Which neighborhoods will I examine? In what order? The 14+ pages of content links I have found that include video archived histories of individuals and family tales, personal narratives in the shape of many forms and city maps, all of which are accessible to the public through the incredibly precise archives of several library and university sources, but finding which mapping platform to use is one of my next challenges. Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.17.34 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.24.40 PM

MAPBOX | Design and Publish Beautiful Maps is a mapping resource that allows the user to draw paths and routes from location A to location B and so forth.

Let the experimentation begin!


About Hannah Webster

Hello, my name is Hannah Webster. Brand Strategy, Design Marketing Consulting | Public Relations in Los Angeles | Research: “VR Digital Storytelling Tech Elicits Empathy in its Viewers”

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  1. laureljaclyn says:

    Great find, Hannah! I’m excited to use this for our project!

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