I was originally planning to go directly to St. Louis, but the flights into St. Louis have been cancelled until further notice, so I’m currently slated to land in New York.


Our flight has been routed around St. Louis airspace as they make room for current aircraft (police/media helicopter) operations and to lighten the burden on air traffic controllers at Lambert (our local airport)


In the meantime, back in Los Angeles, a lone protestor had walked onto the 10 freeway blocking traffic, and backing it up miles back past La Brea


Even so, there have been further protests and blockings of traffic in solidarity:

The 110 freeway in downtown L.A., for example, was brought to a standstill early this morning:


In New York (where I’ll be slated to land at JFK in 1710 miles and 90 minutes), they’ve shut down three bridges:


…and are out on the streets in Times Square and beyond in support:



3 responses »

  1. laureljaclyn says:

    Thanks for sharing, Rich. I think the power of the protestors blocking traffic really speaks to the effectiveness of physical presence in Revolution 2.0

  2. hannahmwebster says:

    These images are absolutely remarkable. The participation is incredible.

  3. haircomestrouble says:

    Those are great photos. People do still believe enough to protest. Always encouraging.

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