Early this summer, my family moved from Chesterfield to Clayton, the seat of St. Louis county and the site of the Darren Wilson hearing. Our condo is 1.5 blocks from the courthouse, located just across the street from Shaw Park (where many of the protestors had been staging). I’ve included a map below for context


Now for some further context:

My family has also set up four webcams on the windows and balconies of our condo on a high floor (specific building and floor not disclosed for privacy reasons) facing both north toward the Ferguson and east toward the courthouse.

I am including the webcam viewing instructions below so that you can participate in actively viewing these events firsthand:

Step 1: Install the Android/iOS App “SwannView Link”

Step 2: Select “Add New Device”

Step 3: Input the following UID “MEXSSX534RZVB1LDJ6Z1”

You can now scroll through the four cameras that we’ve installed as well as selectively pan, tilt, and zoom on the courthouse and media headquarters where all the national and international news is basing their broadcast and filming their recap reports from an aerial perspective.

During the day everything will be quite self explanatory and consistent with the footage you’ve seen on television.

During the evening you’ll want to focus on camera 2: you’ll see a street on the right that’s been closed to public access and made available exclusively for the use of the police and military forces (and homeland security) that’ve descended on the town. On the right you’ll see a cluster of bright lights that are the 30+ news/satellite trucks on the upper parking deck of the Justice Center.



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