The Housing Monster | a manifesto about housing, development
and the social relations surrounding the monster: capitalism.

“The Housing Monster takes one seemingly simple everyday thing—a house—and looks at the social relations that surround and determine it. Starting with the construction site and the physical building of houses, the book slowly builds and links more and more issues together: from gentrification and city politics to gender roles and identity politics, from subcontracting and speculation to union contracts and negotiation, from intensely personal thoughts and interactions to large-scale political and economic forces. What starts as a look at housing questions, broadens into a critique of capitalism as a whole.”


About Hannah Webster

Hello, my name is Hannah Webster. Brand Strategy, Design Marketing Consulting | Public Relations in Los Angeles | Research: “VR Digital Storytelling Tech Elicits Empathy in its Viewers”

2 responses »

  1. laureljaclyn says:

    this is AMAZING. it really does a good job of addressing the systematic class issues in this country and I love the graphic novel approach!

  2. hannahmwebster says:

    @laureljaclyn 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I thought this manifesto was worth sharing since it is kind the medium of the manifesto is one far different than a website. It’s effective despite its lengthiness.

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