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empowerment through media

Reel Youth is a not-for-profit, media empowerment project supporting youth, adults and organizations to create and distribute engaging films about the issues they care about most.

Our mobile stop-motion animationvideo production,  music videointer-generational, and photography programs empower participants to create their own media, engage communities, and play a meaningful role in inspiring positive change.

Reel Youth facilitators are artist mentors fluent in providing a fun and engaging experience for participants to explore the media arts. They have been trained to support the creation of powerful media, while leaving creative control in the participants’ hands.

Many of the emerging digital stories explicitly state their intention to rewrite and bear witness to memories that fit uncomfortably with or are explicitly rejected from the master narrative of settler nation states. One example is a digital short produced through the not-for-profit media group Reel Youth . Titled “Residential Truth: Unified Future,” the digital short was created with funding from the British Columbia Art Council (Canada) and was a collaboration between Reel Youth mentors and five youth from a Canadian Cree Nation. The digital short concerns the legacy of abuse in Canadian residential schools…These digital shorts are self-consciously spaces of truth-telling that invite their audience to continue in the social process of narrative healing. In this way, digital stories are a new “counter-public” where suffering can be communicated and where individuals and communities can, through narrative, heal.

homeHeaderTitleImage_en_US…employing innovative technologies to build upon these conceptualized communities (Indigenous or HIV positive individuals..) of strength and support. This kind of access to powerful tools of communication and the ability to speak and strategize about social problems in a safe and respectful environment is a goal that can benefit indigenous and non-indigenous communities alike. Digital stories, in other words, are projects that open up possibilities for new communities of engagement and support.

A MUST READ | Furthermore, on the Editorial Advisory board is a fellow Claremont SCHOLAR!! Tom Horan, School of Information Science, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA, USA


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Hello, my name is Hannah Webster. Brand Strategy, Design Marketing Consulting | Public Relations in Los Angeles | Research: “VR Digital Storytelling Tech Elicits Empathy in its Viewers”

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