TW :Violence

I recently saw this footage of protests happening in Minnesota after the Ferguson verdict. It’s hard to tell and I can’t find any information about the source, but it looks like it was likely shot on a phone or at least a small camcorder. If this is, in fact, footage someone at the protest took and gave to the Strib, it’s a really good example of how new media can shift news coverage.

It is also completely devastating and horrifying. I mentioned this in a comment, but I’ll mention it again here: I recently had a conversation with my grandmother where she expressed how deeply sad and angry she was about the verdict. She explained her frustration in terms of being frustrated that so many people think that civil rights were fought in the 60s and are now over. This video (and the outcome of the trial and Michael Brown getting shot in the first place) is proof that they are not over. We have so much work left to do.


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