When i started to read the Revolution 2.0, one sentence leave me a deep impression, “The power of people is greater than the people in power.” There are a bunch of examples in the history that can prove this sentence. However, this simple sentence always forget by us. Nobody know seems when people started to afraid of the authority and the person who got power. When the profit of the people conflict with those of in power, they prefer obey and dodge rather than fight for their own profit. As time passing, people in power become more and more greedy while the people are used to endure and obey. Until one day, they could no longer stand with the unfair requirement by those in power. However, it’s too late. People could defeat the those in power, however, it comes with great cost. If people could fight early, they will lose less and less people will lose. However, they always forget that “The power of people is greater than the people in power.”  Now, we should always keep in mind that we have power, even those who in power, their power is given by us. We should fight rather than just obey and endure. Therefore, we will make our life better.


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