I am hoping to create a video art piece for UIE. Some features that I hope to incorporate either subtly or directly are: messages of anti-big business, preservation of and care for the biosphere, marijuana smoke juxtaposed with alcohol consumption or perhaps other addictive behaviors such as gambling or even shopping/materialism, and promoting valuing friendship and appreciation of friends.

To exhibit the inhibitions big business stakes into society, Apryl and I could film lines in retail stores. This can be juxtaposed to people gathered doing similarly passive activities, but possibly (potentially) under the influence of marijuana, interacting with each other, and more cheerful than customers waiting in line at a store. Mixed in with this comparison could be shots of nature– both nature in the more pure outdoor form and nature that humans frequently interact with.

I do not know how to rip video from youtube, but I know that during one of our monday night class sessions we looked at several useful web tools which might include a youtube ripper. If we are able to get video footage from youtube, we could use news clips of black friday shenanigans, cool nature timelapses, and combine all of that with footage we create using either my canon digital camera or hopefully a Pitzer media studies camera.

One thing that Apryl and I have discussed is that we want our video to have candid shots of friends enjoying each other’s company. This is an image that we think the UIE embodies: community, care, and people becoming happier because of the company of others.


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