While back visiting my family this weekend, I texted my friend Matt to see how he was doing. Doing so reminded me of our days back in high school; Matt and another friend, Akash, worked together on a science project that turned into so much more. Their project, which developed voice recognition technology specifically oriented at emotion recognition in speech, went on to become the basis of their company, SimpleEmotion.

Though their website now lists call centers and voice assistants as their primary applications, I remember talking back in the day with Matt regarding their software’s applications to people on the autism spectrum who could not understand emotion organically. With a high enough success rate, the technology could be made into an app (or similar device) that individuals would carry with them and that would interpret emotional undertones of speech.

I’ve not talked with Matt about AutismCodes or our project (or at all since last Summer), but the next time I see him I’ll have to ask him how his company’s  doing in that regard.


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