The movement was born on the Internet, diffused by the Internet, and maintained its presence on the Internet…Yet, at the same time, the movement’s material form of existence was the occupation of public space. A space where protesters could come together and form community beyond their differences…Thus, the Occupy movement built a new form of space, a mixture of space of places, in a given territory, and space of flows, on the Internet. One could not function without the other; it is this hybrid space that characterized the movement. (168)

I am not an expert on every movement and activism that has occurred, but this quote made me wonder if the Occupy movement really was the first movement to rely on and inhabit both of these spaces, and having both spaces be essential to the movement. I feel like other movements have relied on the Internet greatly, so what made Occupy revolutionary in building the ‘new form of space’?

Also, because it is so relevant to our lives right now, I am wondering how the movement surrounding Ferguson is interacting with these spaces. Do we think it is also functioning in the hybrid space? Is it more on the Internet? Is Ferguson as the physical site comparable to Wall Street as a territory. How do we thing the physical spaces aid in creating ‘a space where protesters could come together and form community beyond their differences’?

I know I am just asking a lot of questions, but this is what I was thinking about when doing this reading.


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