After read the Revolution 2.0, i recalled the event happened in China on 2012, called Shifang Protest.(The Shifang protest was a large-scale environmental protest in the southwestern Chinese city of Shifang, Sichuan province, against a copper plant that residents feared posed environmental and public health risks. The protests spanned 1–3 July 2012, and drew thousands of participants. Police were dispatched to break up the demonstrations, and reportedly shot tear gas and stun grenades into the crowd) I think this protest is one of the most important protest in China, as it dramatically used the internet as a platform to promote the protest and the most important reason, it finally succeed force the Chinese government to abandon the program in Shifang city. During the first few day of the protest, the size of the protest were small and could not have any affect toward the government. Moreover, the protestor even beat by the police and some of them were arrested. However, things started changing after someone post a post on Weibo(Chinese Twitter) , “Please help Shifang, Please help us. Please help…….” In only few hours, this post were forwarding more than several thousand times. It soon gain the public’s attention. More and more students joined in this protest and finally the government, first time, surrender to the citizen. Without that post, Shifang protest will definitely fail like other protest happened earlier in China. However, as the internet, the information spread too quickly, and even the Chinese government could not block the information entirely. Today, the development of the internet provides us more option to address our opinion and speak up our voice. Everyone get the chance to change the society and even the world, only we dare to take our step.


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