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This article is interesting/relevant for multiple reasons. Firstly, Republican Congressional Staffer Elizabeth Lauten used a social media platform, her Facebook status, to publicly bash the first children, resulting in swift backlash from thousands of Twitter users. After realizing her mistake, Lauten then deleted her status, and proceeded to post an apology status, claiming she stepped out of line with her comments, and furthermore resigning. I think this is pretty interesting because it shows how social media allows not only for the immediate dispersal of opinions to the general public, but also encourages impulsivity. The immediate gratification of getting likes or comments on a status encourages users to share every opinion that pops into their mind on a whim, which has permanent consequences, as Staffer Lauten learned the hard way.

Furthermore, I found it interesting that Lauten chose to slut shame Sasha and Malia Obama, adding another layer to this story when she posted, “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.” It is always particularly disappointing to me to see a woman in a position of power talking negatively about the appearance of her peers. This detracts from the validity of not only her professional life, but also the professional life of the victim of the harsh comments. Overall, I was very disturbed by this piece of news, and was left feeling more passionate about the path my group has chosen to take on our final project.


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