For our final project, Kali, Ena and I are planning on launching a campaign based mostly in posters around campus, but I would like a little feedback/ ideas from the class. So far, as a group we have decided to focus on creating a series of detoured images comprised of advertisements that objectify or misrepresent women, pointing out their flaws hopefully with a mixture of photoshop and humor. We are planning on possibly leaving a space for people to interact with the posters, potentially speech bubbles where people can insert their own thoughts physically onto the posters themselves, creating a forum-like space. Potentially, we would also like to link the posters with a hashtag, creating a virtual forum to compliment the physical forum. Thoughts? How do you think we could most efficiently promote our hashtag campaign besides creating posters?


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  1. socalens says:

    Here’s a link to “The Bubble Project”

  2. haircomestrouble says:

    I liked that they put their manifesto on their website. It gave them a reason that made them seem less destructive and more purpose driven.

  3. socalens says:

    If you make posters to put up around campus you may want to grab Alexa’s idea of adding the Scan Code for smart phones – look up free QR code generators for smart-phones – then you can link your posters to a social media site where people can join a conversation about the poster image/message.

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