When we watched FilmAid’s videos in class and took a look at their website, we spoke about the different ways that their makeup and quality could be perceived. Not only did their physical appearance have a lot to say about them but so did their sponsors. On one hand, the high quality and charismatic makeup of the films and the high powered sponsors seems detrimental because it suggests clouded intentions that may be fueled by money and corporate brainwashing. But when I really think about it again, does it really matter where it is coming from if it the effort truly is doing good and inspiring children all over the world. Shouldn’t we be happy that movements like this are finally being funded by the big names in society? Yes and no. Even though it seems positive, there is still danger of lies or maybe underrepresentation of how much of this money is actually going to these funds. With large corporations as such, transparency is nearly nonexistent. One can decide to ignore these possibilities and put faith and support in the supposed effort or one can at least remain aware and be wary in support (making sure one is always keeping their eyes open for signs of trouble or any action away from the original intention). Awareness here again seems to be crucial. Yes we should support inspiration but we should be clear of its origin and what possible motivations may be behind the effort.


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